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UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, JAMAICA SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION COURSE-WORK NO. 1 GROUP: EBBA4/BBA3 MODULE CODE: ACC3002 COURSE: INTRODUCTION TO COSTING DURATION: 2 HOURS DATE: May 10, 2007 INSTRUCTIONS : ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS. Question 1 You have been hired as a consultant by XYZ Manufacturing Company. Your terms of reference require that you evaluate the company’s material control system and provide recommendations as to how it can be improved. You have done your field work and have concluded that the company could benefit from the use of the Goods Received Note (GRN). You have made this recommendation to the management who is willing to implement your suggestion. However, they are unsure as to: the purpose the document would serve; what it would look like Required Write a memo to the management of the company in which you provide a sketch of the document and an explanation as to its purpose. 10 marks Question 2 (a) What arguments would you present to justify the use of centralized storage of inventory? 6 marks (b) Distinguish between Continuous Stock-taking and Perpetual inventory system. 6 marks (c) What are the issues to consider in designing a warehouse to store inventory? 4 marks
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