GSM Technology Diffusion in Jamaica

GSM Technology Diffusion in Jamaica - GSM Technology...

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GSM Technology Diffusion in Jamaica As society moves further into the information age, people are becoming more and more dependent on wireless communication systems. One technology that took Jamaica by storm was the introduction of Digicel’s GSM service more than 10 years ago. GSM is a wireless communication system, which stands for Global System for Mobile Communications which is a digital cellular radio network operating in over 200 countries world-wide. The aim of this report is to find strategies that are been used to diffusion the use of GSM as an innovation. Where diffusion can be defined as the process by which an innovation is propagated through certain channels over time among the units of a system. Of special interest is the capability of the GSM network to be used for data computing. Most people think of voice calls when they think of cellular phones. But because GSM is digital, one can connect the GSM-enabled phone to a laptop computer and send or receive email, faxes, browse the Internet, securely access a person’s own company's LAN/intranet, and use other digital data features including Short Messaging Service. Additionally, since, GSM uses radio frequencies; it is a wireless platform, in contrast to technologies which require connecting one's laptop modem to a telephone outlet to use the land- based telephone network. This means users of GSM can be fully mobile, and do wireless data computing anywhere, without worrying about adapters, telephone jacks, cables, etc. The unique roaming features of GSM allow subscribers to use their services in any GSM
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GSM Technology Diffusion in Jamaica - GSM Technology...

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