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Jeremiah Davis Communist Manifesto Paper 10/1/2010 I wonder if anyone in 1848 would have believed that one of the most controversial and conceptually advanced pieces of literature of the time would one day be required reading for students across the world. The Communist Manifesto was written by Karl Marx in such an analytical way that much of it still seems to be relevant in today’s society. Marx’s main focus within the manifesto was the struggle between the Bourgeois and Proletarians. This pamphlet addressed the issues of inequality that the proletarians or working class are placed under by the bourgeois in a capitalistic society. Marx begins the Communist Manifesto by saying that problems of social rank and capitalism began with feudalism. Feudalism established class antagonism like serfs, nobles, and the tsar. Before capitalism and mercantilism the land was king. It functioned on two base principles those who owned it and those who worked on it. This economic way of being naturally created turmoil between these two distinct classes throughout the world. The Civil War and the spur of industry in America can be credited to this same turmoil believe it or not. This negative aspect of laboring oppression helped to push this great nation forward. But in Russia, the immense efforts of Peter the Great to modernize his country by attempting to push industrialism, increase mercantilism within the country, sending serfs to western nations to become educated and thus add to the enrichment of the Russian society did not have the same advancing outcome as he had seen in America. What does happen from these attempts and others like them is the rise of the merchant class with Russia. Mercantilism brings about a commerce society and along with commerce comes new class struggles. These class struggles were between the bourgeois, peasants, and nobles and from their struggle emerge a new form of control along with the working class. But it is this struggle that Marx feels is vital.
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COMMY PAPER - Jeremiah Davis Communist Manifesto Paper I...

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