IntroToCostingSylabus2008-9 - UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY...

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UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, JAMAICA FACULTY OF BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SYLLABUS OUTLINE COURSE : BACHELOR IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION STAGE/YEAR : YEAR THREE MODULE TITLE : INTRODUCTION TO COSTING DURATION : 45 HOURS CREDIT VALUE : THREE (3) PREREQUISITES : ACC1005/ACC2001/ACC2008 LECTURER : Errol Brandford MODULE WEB : 1.0 MODULE DESCRIPTION This is an introductory module in cost accounting which is primarily concerned with the application of cost accounting concepts and techniques to the design of cost accounting information systems and the use of costing information for management decision making and business strategy in both manufacturing and service firms. 2.0 GENERAL OBJECTIVES Students will: 2.1 develop the ability to prepare, analyze and record accounting data. 2.2 appreciate the importance of planning, evaluation and control in the management process. 2.3 develop analytical and problem solving skills. 2.4 apply quantitative techniques in problem solving and decision- making.
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3.0 UNIT 1 - MATERIAL PURCHASE, RECEPTION, STORAGE, COSTING AND CONTROL (9 hours) Students should be able to: 3.1 design various documents used in materials management. 3.2 explain the purpose and importance of documents used in materials management. 3.3 compute and interpret the Free Stock Balance. 3.4
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IntroToCostingSylabus2008-9 - UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY...

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