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File: f:/coursesS12/303/303S12hmwk4.doc RWN 02/19/12b 303 Spring 2012– Homework 4 Due M 02/27/12 in class 1. (50points, BJT OTA) Using the 2N3904s for the differential pair, design an OTA to give ) T 2V d v tanh( I out i = Choose I = 5mA and use 2N3904 & 2N3906 for current mirrors (along with a resistor for obtaining I). Check your design using PSpice for which you can run the output current into a bi-directional current mirror. Use two batteries, VCC=-VEE=10V. Plot on your output current trace the formula for i
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Unformatted text preview: out and in your discussion compare the analytic with the circuit realized i out . 2. (50points, BiCMOS inverter) Design BiCMOS inverters following the circuits of Fig. 14.37(a), p. 1191 and Figs. 14.38(c), (d) & (e), p. 1192 [note that Fig. 14.38 is really a misprint for Fig. 14.37]. Compare Spice runs of the four circuits and comment upon them. In this use 4007 CMOS transistors and 2N3904s and try values of R 1 & R 2 around 1Kohm with V DD = 10V. ....
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