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File: f:/coursesS12/303/303S12hmwk5.doc RWN 02/23/12 303 Spring 2012– Homework 5 Due M 03/05/12 in class 1. (50 points, BJT npn and pnp amplifiers) Design an npn amplifier (using a 2N3904) for |IC|=5.2mA, RL=RC=1Kohm and RE=100Ohm. Repeat for a pnp one (using a 2N3906). Give the voltage gains, VCE and the range of values of the single battery VCC needed. For the base bias resistors choose one at a minimum of 1MegOhm. Run Spice to check your designs. 2. (50 points, NMOS and PMOS amplifiers) Replace the transistors in the circuits of problem 1 above by 4007 CMOS ones
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Unformatted text preview: and calculate the new gains. Also run Spice to check your results. 3. (50 points; RC phase shift amplifier) For the RC phase shift amplifier of Figure 17.7, p. 1345, assume the amplifier is realized by an Op-amp inverter of the type used in Homework 1, Problem 2 with R2=10Meg. a) In terms of R and C find R1 needed for oscillations and give the oscillation frequency in Herz. b) Do a Spice run for R=10KOhm and C=20nFd and check against your calculations of part a). Submit your plots of amplifier output versus time....
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