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Heaton Mitchell T. Heaton Mr. Newport American Government 5 November 2009 Test #1 Study Guide _____________________________ What is the source of the largest amount of federal income? _____________________________________ What is the term for the type of tax that entails the more money you have, the greater the tax? ______________________________________________________ When are income taxes due? _________________________________________________ When do the Bush tax cuts expire? _____________________________ What type of taxes are Social Security and Medicare taxes? T or F More people pay more of Social Security and Medicare Taxes than income tax. _______________________________ In death taxes, what portion of the inheritance is exempt? __________________________________________ What is the name for taxes paid on imports? _____________________________________________________________ What are “T Bills”? T or F Purchasing a T-bill is like investing in money. __________________ What department controls the formulation and conduct of foreign policy? __________________________ How many embassies does the U.S. have in different countries? ______________________________ What nation does the U.S. have no diplomatic relationship with that would prove very useful right now? ____________________________________ What department is in charge of issuing passports? ________________________________________ How many passports are processed each year? _____________________ What branch of the U.S. Armed Forces protects American embassies? ______________________ _________________ In what year did Iran storm the U.S. embassy? How many people were captured?
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Heaton _______________________________________ What is the important thing about the President being in control of the military? __________________________________________________ Who is the Secretary of Defense? ___________________________ What position is the operating head of the defense department? ________________________________ How many people are a part of the Joint Chiefs of Staff? ________________________________________ The CIA works under the direction of whom?
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Test #1 Study Guide - Heaton Mitchell T. Heaton Mr. Newport...

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