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Microscope Lab Mitchell T. Heaton Objective: The purpose of this lab is to become familiar with microscopes while observing different cells and compounds under different levels of magnification. Hypothesis: The microscopes will allow me to view things not available for observation by the human eye and will “open my eyes” to various aspects of life at the cellular level. Materials: 1 Eyedropper of Pond Scum 1 Eyedropper 3 Slides 3 Cover Slips 1 Light microscope 1 Flat toothpick 1 Eyedropper of Water 1 Eyedropper of Iodine 1 Teaspoon (or less) of salt 1 Onion Root tip 1 Scalpel/knife Methods:
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Unformatted text preview: See individual reports Results: See individual reports Conclusion: The microscope allows me to observe things on the cellular level that were somewhat unimaginable before. The pond scum produced multiple different photosynthetic organisms. The cheek cells showed complexity even though they are a rather basic structure of the human body. Salt proved to be similar under the microscope but I was able to observe the cube-like structure of a piece of salt. The onion root tip showed the structure of plant cells and I was faintly able to observe their nuclei....
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