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Clam Dissection - Lab Report

Clam Dissection - Lab Report - 3 Continue to dissect and...

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Clam Dissection Mitchell T. Heaton Objective: The purpose of this dissection is to familiarize myself with the internal workings of a clam. Hypothesis: The internal and external features of this clam will follow the aspects of a normal clam. Materials: 1 Clam 2 Scalpels 1 Dissection tray 1 Probe 1 Magnifying glass Methods: 1. Retrieve a lay and lay it on the dissection tray. Examine it and compare its external features with the provided features of a clam. 2. Use the scalpel to cut the adductor muscles so that the shell may open cleanly.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Continue to dissect and observe the clam. Results: The internal and external structure of the clam corresponded to previous documentation of clams and their body parts. Conclusion: The clam I dissected is from the phylum Mollusca, like all others, and follows the previously documented observations of other scientists. The complexity of the clam is amazing and is an example of how form fits function....
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