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Enzyme Lab (Chicken Liver) Conclusion

Enzyme Lab (Chicken Liver) Conclusion - demonstrate what...

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The experiment shows how, at a normal temperature, a reaction occurs, such as an enzyme binding to a substrate, or in this case hydrogen peroxide with chicken liver. The changes in this experiment show how different areas can affect enzymes. Chilling the chicken liver shows how a cold enzyme is mitigated by cold and the same for the heated enzyme. These experiments, however, cannot show other areas of a denatured enzyme. Specifically, this experiment fails to
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Unformatted text preview: demonstrate what would happen if there was an overwhelming amount of substrates. The faults and failings of this experiment are to be expected. On the contrary, this experiment is a nice complement to the toothpick enzyme experiment and helps reinforce the various attributes of enzymes and their denaturization. There are no aspects of this experiment that I see fit for change....
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