Enzyme Lab (Toothpicks) - Lab Report

Enzyme Lab (Toothpicks) - Lab Report - Enzyme Lab 1...

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Enzyme Lab 1 Mitchell T. Heaton Introduction: This lab is an analogy for the reactions and processes that occur when enzymes and substrates bind. The experiment will show you how, when various situations occur, enzymes’ reactions increase and decrease. This real life example of enzymes will show you exactly how they work by explaining them in a simple way. Objective: To show the various processes that occur between enzymes and substrates by demonstrating them in a simple and pleasant experiment. Hypothesis: The inhibitors and various challenges placed on the enzyme (hand) will decrease the productiveness of the enzyme. Materials: 275 White toothpicks 25 Colored toothpicks 1 Container to hold toothpicks 1 Bowl/bucket filled with ice Methods: 1. Count out the 275 toothpicks into three groups of 50 toothpicks, one group of 100 toothpicks, and one group of 25 toothpicks. 2. Choose which partner is going to be the enzyme and the other the recorder. 3. Place 50 toothpicks into the container for the toothpicks and have the enzyme
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Enzyme Lab (Toothpicks) - Lab Report - Enzyme Lab 1...

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