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Fatigue Lab Mitchell T. Heaton Introduction: This lab shows how, overtime, a person or any animal tires over a period of time. It is shown through a fun experiment and utilization that shows how an accustomed muscular system performs better than another even after fatiguing. Objective: To show the fatigue of muscle groups and how more accustomed muscle groups fatigue in comparison to ones used less often. Hypothesis: The dominant hand will perform better than the non-dominant hand in the beginning and as they fatigue. Materials: 1 Clothes’ pin. Methods: 1. Put the clothes’ pin in your dominant hand and when the teacher says start, click the clothes’ pin as many times as possible by opening and closing it all the way. 2. Record results for every twenty second interval and repeat 10 times.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Repeat the experiment with your non-dominant hand. Results: See chart and graph. Conclusion: The data in the experiment provides an interesting conundrum. The data should have represented my hypothesis, but a factor may have altered the experiment. For example, after an extremely low score, I was inspired to click all that much faster. The human factor came into play and pride may have skewed the experiment. Such data could be eradicated by using a class average and showing how the data is represented. I would change this experiment by doing the mentioned class average to eradicate any extraneous values that misrepresent the data. After this, it is likely that the pattern would follow a projected path in the domain of my hypothesis....
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