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Extra Composition- Wedding Wingdingers

Extra Composition- Wedding Wingdingers - Heaton 1 Mitchell...

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Heaton 1 Mitchell T. Heaton Mr. Rebenstorf English II-4 7 October 2009 Extra: Writing Contest Entry Wedding Wingdingers The Speech Slurer is about as easy to understand as a tourettes inflicted male playing “Outburst”. Words roll off his tongue as if he was just chewing peanut butter and molasses. His speech was requested by both the bride and groom due to a vexing case of nepotism. So, when Mr. Slur stands up, pull out your tape recorder because you may have yourself the next TBS “Very funny” moment. All too eager to toast, the Debilitated Drinker will be intoxicated before the meal even rolls round. His contribution to the night’s dancing is a constant sway resembling an unsteady skyscraper. After observing this inebriated spectacle the entire night, you’ll wish the Eighteenth Amendment was still in place.
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Heaton 2 By the end of dinner, “God’s Gift to the World” will have been disowned by the females at tables one through twenty. As he matriculates around the room, the odor of
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