Canterbury Tales Pilgrims Chart

Canterbury Tales Pilgrims Chart - Has money and also looks...

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Canterbury pilgrims THE COURT THE COURT: THE KNIGHT Wise, noble, genuine successful, polite Gave thanks for surviving the battles THE SQUIRE Popular, flirt, show-off, polite, educated, talented Gave thanks for his image YEOMAN Neat, educated, perfect To serve his masters CLERGY: NUN Flirty, dignified, gentle- hearted Shop or feels obligated MONK Manly, stubborn, adventurous, personable New adventure obligation FRIAR Merry, sweet, pleasant, smooth-talker. Hear confessions and settles disputes for a fee, THE MIDDLE CLASS: OXFORD CLERIC Smart, likes education, good. Wants to learn, and prays for his friends who lend him money. SERJEANT AT THE LAW Notable, wealthy, dedicated, serious, well connected. Enjoy himself FRANKLIN Cheerful, hospitable, rich, powerful Go for expectations or food and drinks GUILDSMEN Snooty, cocky wives push it
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Unformatted text preview: Has money and also looks good COOK To get a cure and likes to cook DOCTOR Likes wealth Work as a doctor WIFE OF BATH Outgoing, materialistic, talkative, adventurous Wants to mingle, travel, and look for husband PARSON Good, leads by example, generous, humble, dedicated Worships and brings insight PLOWMAN Honest and good He is a good Christian SUMMONER Selfish, sneaky Work, drink and vacation PARDONER Fake, selfish, entertain Friend of the Summoner HOST Wise, tactful, friendly As a guide to judge the stories. Values of the middle ages: 1) knight: honesty bravery, respect 2) cleric: studious, humble 3) Parson: hard worker, genuine, perfect American values: 1) Success 2) Education 3) Family 4) Equality 5) Independence...
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Canterbury Tales Pilgrims Chart - Has money and also looks...

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