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Canterbury Tales Prologue Study Guide

Canterbury Tales Prologue Study Guide - Gladly learn and...

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Heaton Mitchell T. Heaton Mr. Rebenstorf English II-4 29 October 2009 The Canterbury Tales, The Prologue Study Guide __________________________________________ According to Chaucer, what do people long to do when spring comes around? _____________________________ What was the name of the inn mentioned in the first stanza? __________________________ A true and perfect gentleman who had led the vanguard in war. ___________________________ The son of the Knight and young ladies’ man with golden hair. _________________________________ The Knight’s servant, wore a medal of St. Christopher. _____________________________________ Very charitable and solicitous, Madam Eglantyne. ______________________ Enjoyed hunting, ignored the Rule, Chaucer concurs with his views. ___________________________ Heard confessions and gave easy penances, wanton and merry. _____________________________ Forking beard and motley dress, none knew he was in debt.
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Unformatted text preview: __________________________________ Gladly learn and gladly teach, still student and reader. ______________________________ Wary and wise, wore a parti-colored coat, works with law. ____________________________________ Wealthy landowner, loved to eat, liked to be happy. ________________________________ Good at distinguishing food and liquor, ulcer on his leg. _______________________ Stole wine at Bordeaux, dark skinned, made people walk the plank. __________________________________ Treated patients through modern practices, overpriced medication for personal benefit, loves gold. _____________________________ Somewhat death, married 5 times, made many pilgrimages. __________________________________________ Leads by example, never was a better priest. Heaton ________________________________________ Honest and hard worker,...
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