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Le Morte d'Arthur Sangreal Cc. 4-5 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY)

Le Morte d'Arthur Sangreal Cc. 4-5 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY)...

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Heaton Mitchell T. Heaton Mr. Rebenstorf English II-4 1 December 2009 Le Morte d’Arthur: The Tale of the Sangreal Chapters 4-5 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) _ sin _________ Sir Launcelot stays at a chapel with the hermit and the hermit tells him that he is the greatest knight and he would have seen the Holy Grail if it weren’t for his _?_. _ the story of his lineage ___ Sir Launcelot’s dream is relayed by a hermit to be a parallel to what? __ the black knights ____ When he comes upon a tournament, for whom does Sir Launcelot fight? _ those bound to earthly sin _ _ those free of sin _ What do the black knights represent? The white?
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Unformatted text preview: ___ Sir Uwayne ________________________ Unknowingly, who does Sir Gawain joust and kill? _ the fellows of the Round Table (on the quest for the Holy Grail) _ In Sir Gawain’s vision, what do the bulls represent? Name who the three white bulls represent, first the clean ones and then the spotted bull. 1)__ Sir Percivale ________________________ 2)__ Sir Galahad ________________________ 3)__ Sir Bors ___________________________ _____ the hermit Nacien _______________ Who interprets Sir Gawain’s and Sir Ector’s visions?...
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