Le Morte d'Arthur- Outline

Le Morte d'Arthur- Outline - Le Morte d'Arthur I The Tale...

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Le Morte d'Arthur I. The Tale of the Sangreal A. Chapter 7 1. Sir Galahad comes across a tournament and decides to aid the losing side. a. Sir Gawain and Sir Ector are fighting for the opposing side (1) Sir Ector avoids Sir Galahad (2) Sir Gawain receives a blow to the head from Sir Galahad just as was predicted about the sword and a fatal blow to the one who didn't draw it but attempted. 2. Sir Galahad is led by a noblewoman to a ship where he finds Sir Percivale and Sir Bors. a. The group sees a second ship onto which they are to transfer (1) The lady reveals herself as Sir Percivale's sister (2) The people who go on the ship must be steadfast in their faith, lest they perish (3) On the ship they find a sword that can only be gripped (held) by one man (a) Sir Galahad succeeds in grasping the sword. (b) Percivale's sister relays various stories about the sword which show the truth of its inscriptions i) The story of the last person to draw it is told and how King Pelles was wounded because he drew it (1) He is known as the Maimed King (4) The knights examine the bed (a) The bed is made of wood of three different colors: red, green, white (b) Sir Percivale's sister tells the story of the tree that had the wood and how Solomon had all the things, including the ship, made (5) Sir Percivale's sister had made a new girdle for the sword when she realized she was destined for the quest (6) The sword is named the Sword of the Straunge Gurdyls and the scabbard the Mover of blood 3. After travelling on the ship, the four come to the castle of Carteloyse a. Multiple people come from the castle and warn them to turn away b. The three knights, Bors, Percivale, and Galahad, fight all of the knights of the castle and kill them all c. A priest comes and tells the knights of the Earl of Hernox and how his sons had imprisoned him, incestuously slept with their sister, and had killed all holy men d. Sir Galahad hears a voice and is told that he is to go and heal the Maimed King
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e. The group sees a vision of 4 lions and a white hart and the transformations of those lions and hart (1) The dream is meant to show the four evangelists as the lions and the hart is himself who is ever renewed 4. The four continue on their journey a. They pass by a castle who requests Percivale's sister submit to their custom of filling silver dish with her blood from her right arm (1) The three knights kill 72 knights they encounter in an attempt to maintain the custom (2) A knight comes out to offer them hospitality and an explanation of the custom (a) The knight explains that the lady of the castle had fallen ill and could only be cured by the blood of a virgin princess (b) Sir Percivale's sister offers her blood for the cause i) She bleeds to death but requests her body be put on the barge at the next port where it will float to Sarras where they shall accomplish the quest and then she shall be buried. 5.
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Le Morte d'Arthur- Outline - Le Morte d'Arthur I The Tale...

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