Test #2 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY)

Test #2 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) - Heaton Mitchell T Heaton...

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Heaton Mitchell T. Heaton Fr. Michael Burrows, O.S.B. Theology II Honors-7 8 October 2009 Test #2 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) ________ Caesar Augustus_ ___________________ Who was the emperor when Jesus was born? ________ Tiberius _______________________ Who was the emperor when Jesus was crucified? ________ 30 _____________________________ At what age did Jesus start his public ministry? ______ Philistines ____________________ The name Palestine is Greek and named after whom? _____ 3,000 feet_ __________________________ How far above sea level is Jerusalem located? ___ Coastal Plains ________ _______ Galilee _________ In what geographical regions/territories was their good farm land? _ parchment _ __ vellum __________ What are the two names for “paper made from animal skin”? __ illumination _______________________ What is defined as a “decoration of a printed page”? ___ incanabulae ______________________ What are “printed pages out of a manuscript” called? ___ codex vaticanus ______________________ What is the name of one of the oldest texts of the Old Testament that is kept at the Vatican? _____ 35% of it is salt ___________________________ What percentage of the Dead Sea is salt? T or F Samaritans are Jews. ______ Northern Kingdom _________________ Samaritans are Jews that came from what Israeli kingdom before the Babylonian exile? ______ chutzpah __________________________ What is the Yiddish term for “guts” or “balls”? _____ goy ____________________________________ What is the Yiddish term for a “gentile”? ______ Mount Gerizim _______________________________ Where was the Samaritans temple? ____ Judeans __________ ___ 128 B.C. ___ Who destroyed the Samaritans temple? In what year?
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Heaton Jerusalem was the center of what four things? -____ worship _____________________ -____ education_ ___________________ -____ trade_ _______________________ -____ politics ______________________ T or F Judea had good farming land. ___ Jericho ______ ___ Jerusalem _________ Most of Judea’s population was in what two cities? ____ 55,000-70,000 ______________ What was the range of the normal population of Jerusalem? _____ 120,000 _______________________________ Up to how many more people would come to Jerusalem on a high holy day? __ 190,000 __________________ What was the greatest population of Jerusalem at any one time? _________ scribe _____________________________ What Jewish profession was an interpreter of the law like a lawyer is today? __________ Idumea _________________________________ Where was Herod the Great from? __ John Hyrcanus _________ ___ 128 B.C. _______ What man conquered Idumea? In what year? Name the four languages spoken in Palestine in the time of Jesus. -____
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Test #2 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) - Heaton Mitchell T Heaton...

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