Quiz #1 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY)

Quiz #1 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) - Heaton Mitchell T....

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Heaton Mitchell T. Heaton Fr. Michael Burrows, O.S.B. Theology II Honors-7 9 November 2009 Quiz #1 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) ___________ Jesus’ baptism __________________ What is the starting point of Jesus’ ministry? ________ John the Baptist _________________________________ Who was Jesus baptized by? ________ Herod Antipas ____________________________ Who had John the Baptist beheaded? ________ Elijah __________________ The Gospel writers compare John the Baptist with whom? Name the three phenomena that identify Jesus and what they symbolize. -__ the opening of the sky _____________ __ His mission is about to begin___ _______________ -__ the descent of the Spirit _ _ the dove is a symbol of joy, innocence, freedom, power and peace _ -___ a voice ______________________ _ brings to mind the anointed king and Suffering Servant _ __ criterion of embarrassment __ What is the type of historical criticism that says Jesus must have been baptized because it would have been embarrassing to the early Church to have to tech that the sinless one humbled himself in this way? ____ “to try” or “to test” ________________ What does the Hebrew word for temptation mean? ___ certainly_
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Quiz #1 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) - Heaton Mitchell T....

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