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Heaton Mitchell T. Heaton Fr. Michael Burrows, O.S.B. Theology II Honors-7 24 November 2009 Test #2 Study Guide ________________________ What is the key event that starts the beginning of Jesus’ ministry? ________________________________________ What is the center of Jesus’ Galilean ministry? ________________________________________________ What is the Jewish term for teacher? Name the four reasons why Jesus attracted great crowds. -____________________________________________________ -____________________________________________________ -____________________________________________________ -____________________________________________________ _________________ Who said, “Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words”? __________________________________________ What word did Jesus often use for emphasis that shows him speaking with authority? ___________________________________ What is the term used for rabbis quoting other rabbis to prove what they are talking about? ___________________________________________________ Jesus is a _?_ rabbi (wandering). _________________________________________ What does the Greek term for parable mean? ____________________________ Jesus’ parables always had a _?_ to make the audience think. Name the four categories of parables. -_________________________________________________________________ -_________________________________________________________________ -_________________________________________________________________ -_________________________________________________________________ T or F The parables are windows into the mystery of God’s reign. __________________ σημειου is a Greek term that is almost exclusively used in which Gospel?
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Heaton Name the four types (categories) of miracles. -___________________________ -___________________________ -___________________________ -___________________________ Name the three instances where Jesus restores someone to life. -_________________________________ -_________________________________ -_________________________________ Name the five steps to the miracle pattern 1)_________________________________________ 2)_________________________________________ 3)_________________________________________ 4)_________________________________________ 5)_________________________________________ Name the three ways that Jesus works the miracle. -_______________________
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Test #2 Study Guide - Heaton Mitchell T. Heaton Fr. Michael...

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