Quiz #3 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY)

Quiz #3 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) - Heaton Mitchell T Heaton...

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Heaton Mitchell T. Heaton Fr. Michael Burrows, O.S.B. Theology II Honors-7 4 December 2009 Quiz #3 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) __ allegory ____________ What is defined as “a story involving a sustained comparison in which people, things, and events symbolically represent something else”? Name the five step process of miracles in Mark’s Gospel (like the miracle pattern). 1)___ introduction_ ____________ 2)___ display of faith ___________ 3)___ Jesus’ response __________ 4)___ result of the miracle_ ______ 5)___ reaction_ _______________ _ the unruly forces of nature _ What does Jesus conquer, something that the O.T. tells us only God can do? _ dynamis ______ ___ power_ ________ What, transliterated, Greek word do the Synoptic Gospels use for miracles? How is it translated? _ Jesus has the power to forgive sin _ Jesus’ miracles point to themes of his message. The healing of the paralytic points to what theme? __ 2 (Mk 5:34 and 10:52) __ __ 1 (Lk 17:19) ___ On how many occasions in Mark does Jesus say, “Your faith has saved you”? In Luke? ___ faith ____________________________ Jesus’ miracles call for _?_ in him and the Kingdom. T or F In Mark’s Gospel, Jesus is occasionally angry. __ Israel __________________ When Jesus condemns a fig tree, what does the fig tree represent? __ the Messianic Secret ____________ What phrase is described as “a phrase that refers to certain passages in the Gospels where Jesus tells his disciples not to reveal his true identity”? ____ the demons _________________ Who are the only things who recognize who Jesus truly is? ____ Son of Man ____________________ What is the only title Jesus used to refer to himself and the most frequently used title in Mark’s Gospel?
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Heaton _____ Daniel 7: 14 _____________________ What is the O.T. origin for the title “Son of Man”?
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Quiz #3 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) - Heaton Mitchell T Heaton...

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