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Heaton Mitchell T. Heaton Fr. Michael Burrows, O.S.B. Theology II Honors-7 11 December 2009 Test #3 Study Guide ______________________________ Tradition holds that the author of Mark’s Gospel is whom? __________________________________ Who called Mark Peter’s interpreter and claimed that his Gospel is based on Peter’s stories about Jesus? ___________________________________ What early Church historian noted that Mark himself did not know Jesus or witness his ministry? T or F The author of the Gospel of Mark is, due to lack of evidence for any cause, anonymous. __________________ _______________ The author of Mark, most likely, practiced what faith? Out of what faith background did he come? ______________________________ The Gospel of Mark was most likely written in what time? ___________________________________ For what audience was the Gospel of Mark written? _______________________________ In what city was the Gospel of Mark most likely written? ___________________________________Nero’s persecution of the Christians occurred when? ____________________________________________ It is likely that Peter was martyred when? ____________________________ Another theory of the Gospel of Mark’s composition was for Christians in Syria or Palestine to bolster suffering Christians during what? Name the points of Mark’s geographical framework for presenting the Gospel. 1)_________________________________________________ 2)_________________________________________________ 3)_________________________________________________ 4)_________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ What is the symbol of St. Mark?
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Heaton _______________ In what O.T. book is there a vision involving the symbols of the Evangelists? ____________________________________ The hidden answers to the two questions Mark asks in his Gospel are sometimes known as what? Name the two questions Mark continually asks in his Gospel. -_________________________________________________ -_________________________________________________ ______________________________________ Where does part 1 of Mark’s Gospel take place? _________________________ In part 1 of Mark’s Gospel, what does Jesus’ message center on? __________________________ Mark states clearly in the prologue that Jesus himself is the _?_. _________________________________________________ The answer to the messianic secret question “Who is this man?” is what? _________________________________________ What event launches Jesus’ public ministry? ________________________________________ With what event does Mark end his prologue? ___________ ______________________ Authority comes from what word? What does it mean? _________________________________________________ What does the word disciple
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Test #3 Study Guide - Heaton Mitchell T Heaton Fr Michael...

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