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Chapter 3 Study Guide - Heaton Mitchell T Heaton Father...

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Heaton Mitchell T. Heaton Father Joel Rippinger, O.S.B. A.P. U.S. History 31 August 2010 Chapter 3 Study Guide ______________________________________ As opposed to tobacco in the south, what shaped the earliest settlements of the north? ___________ _________________________ In what year did Martin Luther pin protests against the door of a cathedral? What Cathedral? ______________ ______________ What is defined as, “the dominant theological credo of the New England Puritans based on the teaching that only the “elect” were destined for salvation? Who invented it? ________________________________ In what book did Calvin spell out his “elect” mentality? __________________________ What is defined as, “an intense, identifiable personal experience in which God revealed to the elect their heavenly destiny”? ___________________________ What are defined as, “English Protestant reformers who sought to purify the Church of England of Catholic rituals and creeds”? _____________________________ What are defined as, “a small group of Puritans who sought to break away entirely from the Church of England”? _______________ What king threatened to harass more bothersome Separatists out of England? ____________________________ Initially, where did a group of Separatists leave England for? ________________________________ In what year did the Mayflower arrive in New England? ____________________________________ What soldier aboard the Mayflower proved to be an indispensible Indian fighter and negotiator? _______________________ What was the document created by the people of Plymouth that was a simple agreement to form a crude government and to submit to the will of the majority under the regulations agreed upon? _____________________ How many people survived the first winter at Plymouth (1620-1621)?
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Heaton _____________ Who was chosen as the Plymouth governor thirty times in the annual elections? ______________________________ What colony was established by Puritans who left England
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Chapter 3 Study Guide - Heaton Mitchell T Heaton Father...

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