Chapter 4 Study Guide

Chapter 4 Study Guide - Heaton Mitchell T. Heaton Father...

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Heaton Mitchell T. Heaton Father Joel Rippinger, O.S.B. A.P. U.S. History 15 September 2010 Chapter 4 Study Guide ________________________ Ten years were cut off the life expectancy of settlers of what area? ___________________________ In 1650, what was the ration of men to women in Chesapeake? ___________________________ The weak family ties of Chesapeake were illustrated by what? ______________________ At the dawn of the 18 th century, what was the most populous colony? ________ How many pounds of tobacco leaf were exported annually from Chesapeake by 1700? _____________________________________ Plantation owners in Chesapeake used what cheap source of labor to cultivate their fields? _________________________________ In addition to transatlantic passage, what was the name of the guaranteed payment to indentured servants? ______________________ What is defined as, “the system that allowed an individual to acquire fifty acres of land if he paid for a laborer’s passage to the colony”? _____________________ What group of immigrants represented more than three-quarters of all European immigrants to Virginia and Maryland in the seventeenth century? _________________________ ___________ Who led the uprising against the Virginia governor regarding his policy toward Indians? What year? ______________________ Who was the governor of Virginia at the time of Bacon’s Rebellion? ___________________________________ How many souls perished in the tough passage from Africa to North America as slaves? ______________ _______ What was the first nation to ban international slave trade? What year?
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Chapter 4 Study Guide - Heaton Mitchell T. Heaton Father...

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