Test #2 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY)

Test #2 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) - Heaton Mitchell T....

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Heaton Mitchell T. Heaton Father Joel Rippinger, O.S.B. A.P. U.S. History 15 September 2010 Test #2 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) ___ New England Confederation _________ What group of colonies was formed in 1643 to guard against foes and solve intercolonial problems? _ 1662 _________ In what year did Connecticut receive a charter legalizing squatter settlements? _____ 1663 ________________ In what year did Rhode Island receive a charter from Charles II? _ 1684 ________________ In what year did Massachusetts Bay Colony have its charter revoked? ___ Dominion of New England ________ What is defined as, “an administrative union created by royal authority, incorporating all of New England, New York, and East and West Jersey”? ____ Navigation Laws _________________ What series of laws stated that all goods destined for the colonies had to pass through England first? smuggling _ Occupation became increasingly common and honorable after the Navigation Laws? _ Sir Edmund Andros ___________________ Who was placed in charge of the Dominion of New England and ruled with an iron fist? Glorious Revolution_ 1688-89_ What revolution took James II off the throne of England? Year? __ William and Mary ____________________ After James II was dethroned, who ruled England? _ disguised in women’s clothing _________ How did Andros try to escape the angry Boston mob? __ 1691 ___________________________ In what year did Massachusetts receive a royal charter? _ salutary neglect ________________ The newly establish monarchs of Maryland and New York (1691) did what regarding the Navigation laws? __ Dutch East India Company_ ____________ What Dutch company was a “state within a state”? _ 10,000 __ __ 190 _________ How many men and ships did the Dutch East India Company have?
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Heaton __ Henry Hudson ____ ___ 1609 _________ What explorer of the Dutch East India Company into the Hudson River area? What year? _ Dutch West India Company _ What Dutch company was as interested in trade as it was pirating? 1623-24 _ Dutch West India Company_ In what year was New Netherland established? By whom? __ Manhattan Island ___________ What valuable island did the Dutch West India Company buy? __ New Amsterdam _________ What city was a company town and later became New York City? __ patroonships_ _________________ What are defined as, “vast tracts of land along the Hudson River in New Netherlands granted to wealthy promoters in exchange for bringing fifty settlers to the property”? ___ 18 ________________________ A French Jesuit missionary noted that how many languages were being spoken in New Amsterdam? _____ Wall Street ____________________ The wall erected by Dutch settlers to fend off Indians gives what famous street its name? ___ 1638-1655
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Test #2 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) - Heaton Mitchell T....

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