Test #3 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY)

Test #3 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) - Heaton Mitchell T Heaton...

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Heaton Mitchell T. Heaton Father Joel Rippinger, O.S.B. A.P. U.S. History 27 September 2010 Test #3 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) _ 140 million pounds_ ______________ After the Seven Years’ war, how far was Britain in debt? __ George Grenville _________________________ Who was the British Prime Minister in 1763? _____ enforced the Navigation Laws _____________ What was the action taken by PM Grenville that aroused colonial resentment? ___ Sugar Act_ _________________ What was the “duty on imported sugar from the West Indies and the first tax levied on the colonists by the crown”? ____ Quartering Act ___________________ What act upset the colonies because it required them to provide food and quarters for British troops? __ Stamp Tax ____________ What was the tax imposed by Grenville that taxed an array of paper goods including newspapers, playing cards, marriage licenses…? _ admiralty court ________ What was the name of the type of court in which offenders were tried for violating the various Navigation Acts passed by the crown? T or F Admiralty courts utilized juries and all defendants were considered “innocent until proven guilty”. Therefore, the court system was just and fair. __ “no taxation without representation” __ What was the slogan used by the colonists in response to the acts of taxation by the British? _ he said they were “virtually represented” in parliament _ What was Grenville’s response to the colonial cries of “no taxation without representation”? _ Stamp Act Congress ______ What was the assembly of delegates from nine colonies who met in New York City to draft a petition for the repeal of the stamp tax? __ twenty-seven ____ __ New York City ______________ How many people were at the Stamp Act Congress? Where did they meet? _ nonimportation agreements ____________ What was the name of the boycotts of British goods in the colonies as a response to taxation?
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Heaton Name the two patriotic mobs of the colonies who were formed to protest British taxes. -__ Sons of Liberty_ ___________________ -_ Daughters of Liberty ________________ ___ 1766 ____________________________________ In what year was the Stamp Act appealed? _ Declaratory Act ________ What legislation can be defined as, “legislation passed alongside the repeal of the Stamp Act, it reaffirmed Parliament’s unqualified sovereignty over the North American colonies”? _ Charles Townshend ___ What man took over as leader of the British ministry and stated that he would “pluck feathers from the colonial goose with a minimum of squawking”? __ Champagne Charley _______________ What was the nickname given to Charles Townshend? __ Townshend Acts _________________ What taxes were classified as external, or indirect, levies on glass, white lead, paper, paint, and tea? _ salaries of the royal governors_
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Test #3 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) - Heaton Mitchell T Heaton...

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