Test #1 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY)

Test #1 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) - Heaton Mitchell T....

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Heaton Mitchell T. Heaton MSGT Collins Military III 22 November 2010 Test #1 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) Fill out the organizational chart.
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Given the position, list the maximum attainable rank. Battalion Commander-___ Cadet Lieutenant Colonel_ ____________ Company Commander-___ Cadet Captain _____________________ Battalion Executive Officer-___ Cadet Major ___________________ Battalion Coordinating Staff Officers-__ Cadet Captain ___________ Company Executive Officers-___ Cadet First Lieutenant__ ________ Company First Sergeants-___ Cadet Master Sergeant _____________ Platoon Leaders-________ Cadet Second Lieutenant _____________ Platoon Sergeants-_______ Cadet Sergeant First Class ___________ Squad Leaders-_________ Cadet Staff Sergeant _________________ Next to the duty, write the abbreviation for the job that performs it. _ BC_ _ Command the battalion at all formations. _ CoC _ Ensure that all members of the company know and use the chain of command. _ XO_ _ Act as the commander of troops during ceremonies. _ Adj _ Assist in aligning the battalion at all battalion formations. _ Int_ _ Assist in making periodic inspections of the security of weapons. _ Op __ Prepare the weekly training schedules. _ Op __ Plan and supervise field events. _ Op_ _ Assume command of the battalion in the absence of both the battalion commander and XO. _ Sup _ Create a JROTC Clothing and Equipment Record for each cadet. Maintain all cadet supply records. _ Sup _ Supervise the activities of the battalion ordnance officer. _ SGM _ Preside over all noncommissioned officer promotion boards. _ SGM _ Assume the command of the battalion in the absence of all officers. _ SGM _ Ensure the flag details are properly trained. _ CXO _ Assists the company commander in the training of the company and assumes command of company in commander’s absence. _ C1SGT _ Submits absentee reports to the battalion sergeant major. _ PltSgt _ Submit absentee reports to the company first sergeant. _ SqLdr _ Be thoroughly familiar with drill and supervise team leaders and squad members. _ BC_ _ Maintain a direct and personal relationship with the staff and the company commanders. _ BC __ Be responsible for all the battalion does or fails to do. Name the three positions of the Battalion Special Staff Officers. -_ Battalion Communications Officer __ -_ Battalion Ordnance Officer ________ -_ Battalion Public Affairs Officer _____ _ Jasper Academy _______________ Marmion traces its roots all the way back to what academy? __ St. Meinrad ________________ What was the abbey in southern Indian that moved to Aurora? __ 1933 __ _ Fox Valley Preparatory School for Boys _ In what year did the monks from St. Meinrad come to Aurora? What school did they take over? __ Maredsous Abbey in Belgium
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Test #1 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) - Heaton Mitchell T....

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