Semester Exam (ANSWER KEY)

Semester Exam (ANSWER KEY) - Heaton Mitchell T. Heaton...

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Heaton Mitchell T. Heaton Father Joel Rippinger, O.S.B. Theology III Honors 3 September 2010 Test #1 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) ____ Julian _____________________________ What Emperor, After Constantine, tried to return Rome to pagan deity worship? _ June of 363 _ ____ “Galilean, you won!” ________________ When was Emperor Julian killed? What were his dying remarks? _____ the Catholic Church__ ___________ What is the oldest institution in Western civilization? _______ 17% _________________________ What percent of the world’s population is Catholic? _____ Muslim ________________________ What is the only faith that outnumbers Catholicism? ___________ universal_ ___________________________ What does the word “catholic” mean? __ 1.12 billion ___________________ Approximately how many Catholics are there worldwide? ___ 400,000 _______________________ Approximately how many priests are there worldwide? __ 23% ___________________________ What percent of the population of the U.S. is Catholic? ____ 2.35 million ___________________ How many students attend Catholic school in the U.S.? Name the top seven world religions in order of size (largest to smallest). - _ Christianity __________ - _ Muslim_ _____________ - _ Hindu _______________ - _ Chinese Universists ____ - _ Buddhism ____________ - _ Sikhs ________________ - _ Judaism_ _____________ __ Jesus Christ established and sustains her ___ Why have the Church and Christianity endured? _ a hospital that ministers to sick sinners_ What does Pennock say we should picture the Church as? _ ecclesiology _________________ What is the term for the study of the meaning of the Church?
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Heaton __ G.K. Chesterton_____ _____________ Who said, “The most dangerous people are those who have been cut off from their cultural roots”? _ the birthday of the Church _ The coming of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost is sometimes referred to as what? ___ prayer_ ______________________ The Holy Spirit also formed the Church in the life of _?_. _ he spoke in tongues __ What miracle occurred on Pentecost when Peter preached to the people? _ 3,000 _________ How many people were baptized on Pentecost after Peter’s powerful sermon? ___ he cured a crippled beggar ______________ What miracle was performed through Peter that caused five thousand people to convert? __ Gamaliel _____________________ What member of the Sanhedrin told them not to persecute Peter and John lest they procure the wrath of God? __ Luke_ _________________________________________ Who wrote the Acts of the Apostles? Name the three main things that made Luke unlike Jesus’ other followers. -__ he was not one of the original disciples _________ -__ he was a Gentile ___________________________ -__ he was from Antioch (by the Mediterranean _____ ________ a doctor___ ____________________________ What was Luke’s believed profession? _______ 70-90 A.D.
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Semester Exam (ANSWER KEY) - Heaton Mitchell T. Heaton...

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