Test #2 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY)

Test #2 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) - Heaton Mitchell T....

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Heaton Mitchell T. Heaton Father Joel Rippinger, O.S.B. Theology III Honors 17 September 2010 Test #2 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) _ Malta _______ While on his prisoner journey to Rome, where does the ship crash in the winter? ____ he is bit by a viper on the hand _ What happens to Peter on Malta when he is building a fire? _____ Publius ___________________________ Who was the chief of the island of Malta, whose father and people are healed by Paul? ___ with Peter under house arrest in Rome _______________ Where does the Book of Acts end? _________ didache_ ____________________________ What is the Greek word for “teaching”? ___ The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles_ ___________ What is another name for the “Didache”? ____ 45 A.D. ________________________________________ When was the “Didache” written? _to provide Christian communities with a uniform set of practices__ Why was the “Didache” written? Name the four reasons why the “Didache” is still important in the Church today. -___ emphasizes the main teachings of the Church _______________ -__ offers instruction on fasting, prayer, Eucharist … _____________ -__ treats the Church as an organization _______________________ -__ deals with the future of the Church ________________________ ___ Wednesday ______ ____ Friday ______________ The “Didache” states that Christians should fast on what days of the week? __ the doxology _________________ The “Didache” gives the Lord’s Prayer but adds what to it? ___ Trajan ____________________________ To whom did Pliny the Younger address his letter? ____ Bithynia ________________________ Pliny the Younger was the governor of what region? _ 112 A.D. ___________________________ In what year did Pliny the Younger write to Trajan? _____ asked for advice on how to treat Christians __ Why did Pliny the Younger write to Trajan?
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Heaton __ first document showing treatment of Christians by the Romans _ What is the modern day importance of Pliny’s letter to Trajan? __ 112 A.D. ___________ In what year did Trajan write a response to Pliny the Younger’s letter? __ Emperor Galerius_ _______________________________ Who wrote the Edict of Toleration? __ Diocletian _____________________________ Who was the ruler of the eastern “true” Roman Empire during the reign of Galerius? _ 311 A.D. ______________________________ In what year was the Edict of Toleration written? he was sick and wanted prayers from everyone _ Why did Galerius create the Edict of Toleration? ____ Constantine ______________________________________ Who wrote the Edict of Milan? ___ Licinius
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Test #2 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) - Heaton Mitchell T....

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