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Test #3 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY)

Test #3 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) - Heaton Mitchell T Heaton...

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Heaton Mitchell T. Heaton Father Joel Rippinger, O.S.B. Theology III Honors 1 October 2010 Test #3 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) ____ Washington Irving __________________ Who said, “a mother is the truest friend we have”? __ St. Monica _______________ What religiously devout woman didn’t give up on her carousing son and served as a key role in the development of the church? ________ Algeria in Africa _________________________________ Where did St. Monica live? _______ St. Augustine of Hippo_ _________________________ Who was the son of St. Monica? _ St. Ambrose ___________ The preaching of what bishop led to the conversion of St. Augustine? ______ The Confessions ___________________ What is the name of the book that St. Augustine wrote about his mother’s life and death? __ Ralph Waldo Emerson _______ What author wrote, “men are what their mothers made them”? __ Nestorius __________________________ What patriarch of Constantinople refused to believe that Mary was the Mother of God? ______ Christotokos_ ____________________ What is the Greek term used in reference to Mary as only the mother of the human Jesus? __ St. Cyril of Alexandria ___ What saint led the charge in defending Mary as the mother of God? ___ Theotokos ___________________ What is the Greek term that literally means “God-bearer”? _____ Council of Ephesus ______________________ What council endorsed the teachings of St. Cyril and condemned Nestorianism? _ monophysitism _________ What teaching believed that Christ possessed only one divine nature? __ hypostatic union ________________ What teaching stated that Jesus Christ, one divine person subsists in two natures, the divine and the human? __ Pope Leo I_ _______________________ Who developed the teaching of the hypostatic union?
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Heaton ___ Council of Chalcedon ________________ At what council was the teaching of the hypostatic union brought forward and placed into effect? ___ Pelagianism _______________________ What pseudo-teaching held that humans could save themselves without God’s supernatural help? _ St. Augustine of Hippo _____ Who was the leader of the opposition to the teachings of Pelagius? __ Definition of Faith_ __________ What document was written to settle the controversy over the relationship between the divinity of Christ and the humanity of Christ? _ 451 A.D. _ _ Council of Chalcedon _ When was the “Definition of the Faith” written? Where? _ anathema ____ What is the strongest condemnation of the Church which means “to be cursed”? _ 476 ______ What year traditionally marks the definitive end of the Roman Empire in the West? ____ City of God _________ To make sense of the sea of change occurring in the Western Roman Empire, what work did St. Augustine of Hippo write? ____ the Byzantine Empire _________________ In the east, what did the Roman Empire exist as? __ Justinian_ ________________ Who was the Emperor of the Byzantine Empire from 527-565? _ Belisarius _____________________ Who was the commanding general under Justinian’s reign?
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Test #3 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) - Heaton Mitchell T Heaton...

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