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Test #1 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY)

Test #1 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) - simony to enrich his...

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Heaton Mitchell T. Heaton Fr. Joel Rippinger, O.S.B. Theology III Honors 15 November 2010 Test #1 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) __ the Renaissance __________ What is known as the cultural rebirth that occurred in the Middle Ages which served as the revival of art, literature, and learning? _ humanism ______ What movement of the Renaissance stressed humans and their natural glory? _ Erasmus of Rotterdam ______________ What Renaissance Christian scholar wanted to preserve classic texts and produce accurate Biblical translations? _ Pope Alexander VI_ ____________ What infamous Pope of the Renaissance used nepotism and
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Unformatted text preview: simony to enrich his family, the Borgia family? _ by selling indulgences ________ How did the Renaissance Popes support their lavish lifestyles? _ Pope Leo X _______ What Pope said, “Let us enjoy the papacy because God has given it to us”? __ the Council of Ferrara-Florence_ __ What council reunited the Eastern and Western churches? _ Mahomet II _____________ What Turkish leader assaulted and looted Constantinople in 1453? _ Istanbul _____________ What was the new name of Constantinople after the Turkish conquest?...
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