Additional Study Guide before Test #2

Additional Study Guide before Test #2 - Mitchell T. Heaton...

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Unformatted text preview: Mitchell T. Heaton Father Basil Yender, OSB Honors Theology I 4 December 2008 Additional Study Guide Before Test #2 The Journey from ____________ to ___________ was tough; it was hard on-the _______-the __________- the people complained a lot Lots of time on the journey was spent at ______________-_______________ Moses sent the ___________ ___________ to observe Canaan and they came back with contradicting responses ______________ is fifty days after Passover Moses sprinkled sacrificial blood on-the ______________-the ______________ A blessing always comes from _______ or his ______________ (O.T.) blessing: good __________, good ___________, or ___________ victories (anything good) ___________ were initiated by men- when men felt powerless, they asked for God’s help to carry out their _______________ ____________ was the king of Moab _____________- seer that was to curse the Israelites _____________ says to _______________ that he will only do the things that God commands curse: ___________ seer= (Hebrew) one ______ ______ ____________ While traveling, Balaam has a revelation and sees the ___________ of the ___________ in his way— his ____________ could see it the whole time and was running him into walls __________ is the one who lets the seer “see” Balaam’s blessings for Israel are in __________ ________________- the _________ _______________ is a prediction of the future that blesses Israel in the future the _____________ of ______________ are the last real encampment place where the Israelites stay before the Promise Land Numbers 27 has ________ in it ____________ is appointed to take over for _____________ to lead the Israelites into the Promise Land Moses shows weak faith when he strikes the ________ for water ___________...
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Additional Study Guide before Test #2 - Mitchell T. Heaton...

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