Quiz 2 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY)

Quiz 2 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) - Heaton Mitchell T. Heaton...

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Heaton Mitchell T. Heaton Father Basil Yender, OSB Honors Theology I 22 January 2009 Quiz 2 Study Guide: ANSWER KEY Name the five cities of the Pentapolis: 1)______ Gath ___________________ 2)_______ Ashdod ________________ 3)_______ Ashkelon_ ______________ 4)________ Ekron ________________ 5)________ Gaza _________________ ___________ milch cows ________________ What was the Ark of the Covenant sent back with (as part of the sign telling the Philistines to send it back to Israel)? _______ Beth-shemesh ________ What city does the Ark stop in first when it returns to Israel? ___________ Ramah __________________________ What city is Samuel’s home town? ____________ Mizpah ___________________ Where does Samuel gather the people together to appoint a king? T or F While at Mizpah, Samuel tells the people how they rejected God, appoints a king of God’s choosing, and establishes the law of royalty. _______ because all of Israel is gathered ___ Why is it an opportune moment for the Philistines to attack while Samuel is appointing a king? ______ Mizpah _____________________ Where is the first place that Samuel judges Israel? _______ his sons ____________ Who did Samuel appoint as judges that soon became corrupt? Why was Samuel mad that the Israelites wanted a king? ___ because the Israelites want to be like other nations but the Lord had purposefully set them apart as his people________ ____________ Name the responsibilities that a king had in the time of Israel. 1)___ protector ___________- _____ lead army _____ 2)______ advisor ______ and ____ judge_ __________ - God already did these things for Israel 3)_____ provider _________ ( _ food ___/__ water ____)
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Heaton ______________ rejecting God __________ What was the Israelites’ request for a king a sign of? Name the four downsides of having a king that were given to the people.
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Quiz 2 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) - Heaton Mitchell T. Heaton...

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