Additional Study Guide Befoe Test #2

Additional Study Guide Befoe Test #2 - Heaton Mitchell T...

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Heaton Mitchell T. Heaton Father Basil Yender, OSB Honors Theology I 20 February 2009 Additional Study Guide Before Test #2 _____________________ _____________________ Name the two people who worked together to get king David to name Solomon as the next king. ____________________________________ What nation claimed to have a descendant of Solomon as its emperor even into the 20 th century? ____________________ ___________________ Name the king and his country with whom Solomon made a trade agreement so he could procure building material for his temple and palace. Name three things imported by Solomon from outside of Israel. 1)_____________________________ 2)_____________________________ 3)_____________________________ __________________________ In what year did Solomon ascend the throne succeeding David? ________________________________ When the narrator of the books of Samuel and Kings distinguishes between “Israel” and “Judah”, which of these refers to a northern coalition? ________________________________ Who, not listening to the advice of the elders, made the yoke heavier on the people and, because of this, they rebelled against him? T or F Jeroboam came up from Egypt and the people proclaimed him king. Thus, Rehoboam ruled Judah and Simeon, the south, and Jeroboam ruled Israel, the north. T or F People always wanted to go to Jerusalem and, because of this, Jeroboam was worried that his people would go to Jerusalem and return to Rehoboam. ___________________________ What did Jeroboam have made for the people to worship so that they wouldn’t travel to Jerusalem?
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Heaton ________________ ____________________ In what two cities did Jeroboam place the two golden calves he had made? ___________________________________ What did a “man of God” predict about an altar that
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Additional Study Guide Befoe Test #2 - Heaton Mitchell T...

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