Additional Study Guide Befoe the 3rd Quarter Exam (ANSWER KEY)

Additional Study Guide Befoe the 3rd Quarter Exam (ANSWER KEY)

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Heaton Mitchell T. Heaton Father Basil Yender, OSB Honors Theology I 12 March 2009 Additional Study Guide Before 3 rd Quarter Exam (ANSWER KEY) T or F The fall of Israel is attributed to the fact that the people did not obey the Lord. ___ 1Sm, 2Sm, 1Kgs, 2Kgs _______ The Books of Chronicles parallel what other Biblical books? ______ the history of Judah _____ In the Books of Chronicles, what is the emphasis placed upon? Name the four good kings of Judah. 1)____ Asa_ _____________________ 2)____ Hezekiah __________________ 3)____ Jehoshaphat_ ______________ 4)_____ Josiah ___________________ ____________ the Persians ____________________________ Who conquered the Babylonians? _________ Cyrus ________________________ Who was the king of Persia that decreed that the Jews could begin to return to their land? ___ The Decree of Cyrus ______ ___ 539 B.C. _____ What is the name of the decree that allowed the Jews to return to their land? In what year did it come/was it decreed? diaspora: ______ a scattering (the scattering of the Jews out of Palestine) ___________________ _____ Greek ________________________ From what language does the word “diaspora” come? __ 750 B.C. ____ The Diaspora was the scattering of the Jews out of Palestine in about what year? ______ Zedekiah __________________ Who was forced to watch the death of his sons, had his eyes gouged out, and then was taken to Babylon? __________ 589 B.C.—539 B.C. _________ From what years did the Babylonian Exile last? _____ 1948 A.D. _____________ In what year, by the UN, was the nation of Israel reestablished?
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Heaton T or F The people of Israel were shocked by the loss of their identity as God’s people because it was all they had known. After asking themselves “What happened to the Davidic and Sinai Covenants?”, the Israelites reflected on how the covenants had broken and the root of their sin. _____________ Judah _________________________________________ Where is Isaiah from? _________ Judah (the Southern) _____________________ To what kingdom does Isaiah preach? _ Why is Isaiah considered the greatest prophet? ______ “the Messianic Prophet” __________________ What is Isaiah known as (another name)? ____ three parts ____________________ Into how many parts is the Book of Isaiah divided into? ______ “The Vineyard Song ____________________________ What is Isaiah Chapter 5 called? ___ Agios Trisagion ______ ___ Greek ________ What is the technical term for the “triple holy”? From what language is the term derived? seraphim: ____ celestial beings who surround the throne of God_______ ___________________ T or F Isaiah is caught up in the holiness of God rather than the lowliness of man. ____________ Isaiah Chapter 6
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Additional Study Guide Befoe the 3rd Quarter Exam (ANSWER KEY)

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