Quiz #2 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY)

Quiz #2 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) - Heaton 1 Mitchell T....

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Heaton 1 Mitchell T. Heaton Father Basil Yender, O.S.B. Honors Theology I 29 April 2009 Quiz #2 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) ___ Mt 16: 13-19 ___________ The formal founding of Peter as the first apostle and “Rock of the Church is seen in what part of the Bible (Book, chapter, verse)? __ the keys to heaven_ ______ What aspect of heaven did Peter receive that symbolizes authority? ___ a fish _____________________ When Peter asks Jesus a question about taxes, Jesus responds by telling him to go get what from the nearby lake? _ _What is in the mouth of the fish Peter retrieves from the lake? _ 153 ____ The seven disciples were fishing and caught nothing. Then Jesus came to them (as the Risen Lord) and told them where to cast their nets. How many fish did they catch? ____ three times _____________________ How many times does Jesus ask Peter if he loves him as a representation of Peter’s denial in the reverse? __ narrative _________________________ What is the literary form of the Acts of the Apostles?
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Heaton 2 _ The Gospel of Luke__ _ ___ Acts of the Apostles___ _________ Name the two works of St. Luke. _____ 80 A.D. _________________________________________ In what year was Acts written? ___ the Church __________________________________ Acts is the story of the history of what? ____________ St. Luke _____________________________________ Who is the author of Acts? ___________ Theophilus, “God lovers”_
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Quiz #2 Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) - Heaton 1 Mitchell T....

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