Second Semester Exam Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) (Repaired)

Second Semester Exam Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) (Repaired) -...

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Heaton Mitchell T. Heaton Father Basil Yender, OSB Honors Theology I 29 May 2009 2 nd Semester Exam Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) ___________ making him King ________________ What does God regret doing to Saul? ________ Jesse’s ____________________ Among who’s sons is the new king of Israel that the Lord has chosen? _________ heifer _______________________ What is the technical term for a teenage cow? _________ oldest to youngest _______________ In what systematical order does Jesse present his sons? ______ in the fields _______________ Where was Jesse’s youngest son initially when Jesse presented his sons to Samuel? ____________ David_ ______________ Who is the king of Israel that the Lord has chosen from among the sons of Jesse? _____________ horn ___________________ Samuel anoints David with a _?__ of oil. Name four conditions under which the people of Israel and their king will prosper. 1)_____ if they fear the Lord _________________________________________________ 2)______ if they worship him_ ________________________________________________ 3)______ if they are obedient to the Lord ________________________________________ 4)_______ if they don’t rebel against the Lord’s command __________________________ T or F Saul offered the holocaust and peace offerings because Samuel had not arrived in the designated amount of time. ___________ Gilgal _______________ In what place was Saul guilty of disobedience (i.e. city)? _____________ Jonathan ______________________________ What is the name of Saul’s son? ______ Jonathan ________ Saul’s rash oath backfires and almost ends up in the death of whom? ________ the Amalekites ______ Who was Saul supposed to destroy in chapter 15 of 1Samuel?
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Heaton _______ paranoia _________ ____ bi-polar disorder ____ What two things are Saul (i.e. what kinds of diseases does he suffer from)? ___________ six foot six or 6’6” ___________________________ How tall is Goliath, in feet? ____ Gath ___________ ______ Philistia ____________ What city is Goliath from? What nation? _________ dismayed _____________ The Israelites were ___?____ and terror stricken at hearing Goliath’s challenge. (What adjective?) _____________ eight _______________________ How many sons did Jesse have? ________________ David ______________________________ Who was Jesse’s youngest son? Name the two gifts or rewards the man who slew Goliath would receive: 1)_____ exemption _____________________ (___ he would not have to fight in the army ____) 2)_____ Saul’s daughter ________________ (_____ the princess __________) Name the three things David took with him into battle against Goliath: 1)______ a staff _________________ 2)_______ a slingshot ____________ 3)________ five stones ___________ _____________ in the forehead _______________ Where does David hit Goliath with the stone? __________ the Jebusites
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Second Semester Exam Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) (Repaired) -...

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