Second Semester Exam Study Guide (ANSWER KEY)

Second Semester Exam Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) - Heaton...

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Unformatted text preview: Heaton Mitchell T. Heaton Father Basil Yender, OSB Honors Theology I 29 May 2009 2 nd Semester Exam Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) ___________ From Dan to Beer-sheba ___ What expression describes the whole of Israel’s land? a)________ Law _____ b)______ Writings __ c)_______ Prophets ___ What three parts did the Jews divide the O.T. into? ________ Historical Narrative __________ What is the literary form of the book of Samuel? __________ Samuel _______ What are the books in the O.T. called Samuel named after? _______ Elkanah _________ The first book of Samuel begins with a genealogy of whom? a)___ 2 ____b)__ Hannah ___ and _____ Peninnah ___ How many legal wives did Elkanah have? b) Who were they? ___________________ Hannah _______________ Which one of Elkanah’s wives was barren? ________ Shiloh ________ Where did Elkanah make a pilgrimage to in order to worship? sanctuary- ______ a place set apart for worship _________ ____ sanctuary cities ___ What kinds of cities were located centrally for peoples’ convenience? ___ because it was where the Ark of the Covenant was kept _____ Why was Shiloh a significant sanctuary city? pilgrimage- _______ a journey to a holy place ___________________________ ____________________ Eli ______________________ Who was the priest in charge of Shiloh? ____________ drunk ________________ When Hannah is praying in Shiloh, what is she perceived as being by the head priest? _________________ Ramah _______________ In what city does Elkanah live? ____________ a son ___________What does Hannah pray for while she is praying in Shiloh? Heaton __________________ Samuel __________________ What does Hannah name her son? ____________ weaned him__ ______ Hannah did not want to make the pilgrimage to Shiloh until she had done what with Samuel? _______ the nazirite vow __________ Samuel’s dedication to the Lord was similar to what vow? a)______ Eli ____ b)__ 7-9 years old__ _ Who accepts Samuel into Shiloh and about what age was he when he was dedicated to the Lord? ____________ Hannah’s Canticle___ ____ Hannah sings a worship song to the Lord for hearing her prayer. What is this song called? ________ Hophni ______ ________ Phinehas _________ Who were Eli’s two sons? Name the sins of Eli’s sons as assistant priests. 1) ______ they abused the sacrifices to the Lord _____________________________ 2) _____ they were having relations with the women at the entrance to the sanctuary ____ ______ Man of God _________ What is the term that refers to someone who is in touch with God in a special way, similar to an angel? ______ they would die on the same day ________ How were Eli’s sons predicted to be punished? _________________ young _____________ All of Eli’s family is punished such that all of his descendants will die __?___....
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Second Semester Exam Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) - Heaton...

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