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Eric Bronkhurst 36211708 February 22, 2008 Discussion The purpose of this study was to examine and compare the effects of alcohol between collegiate athletes and athletes unaffiliated with the school. The study was intended to determine apparent differences between the two groups as prior research fails to study subjects who are athletes that aren’t associated with the university. The researcher found that there is in fact an apparent difference among collegiate athletes and non-collegiate in regards to alcohol consumption, but some similarities as well. Results indicated that negative consequences of episodic alcohol consumption on athletic ability remained consistent between both groups, UCI athletes were found to drink more often on a weekly basis and differences were shown in the motives that cause alcohol consumption between the two groups. Apparent effects of alcohol on the different groups and their similarities can be explained by the obvious biological consequences that follow consumption. There are two different perceived ways in which alcohol can have an affect on an individual, that is both direct and indirect. Direct ways in which alcohol can harm an individual is apparent whether it is a decrease in cardiovascular and muscular activity or any other biological negative impact. An explanation of possible differentiations between the groups is that UCI athletes are more active in regards to physical performance with high demands in the sport they participate in, thus keeping one’s self in better shape consistently. This may diminish the effects of alcohol consumption as a healthy body can more readily cleanse itself. The other instance where alcohol may harm an athlete is indirectly. Indirect
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Discussion - Eric Bronkhurst 36211708 Discussion The...

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