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First Semester Study Guide - Heaton 1 Mitchell T. Heaton...

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Heaton 1 Mitchell T. Heaton Mr. Szorc Honors Geometry 5 January 2009 First Semester Study Guide (ANSWER KEY) Point- __ simply a location that has no length, no breadth, or thickness (size)_______ _________ Plane- _ a flat surface that extends infinitely in all directions and has no depth_______________ Collinear- __ points that lie on the same line_______ ___________________________________ Coplanar- ___ points that lie in the same plane___ _____________________________________ Line- _ made up of a series of points that extend infinitely in opposite directions and has no width or thickness _ Line Segment- _ a measurable part of a line that consists of two pints, called endpoints, and all of the points between them__________ _ Ray- __ begins with a starting point and extends infinitely far in one direction_______ ________ Angle- _ formed by two non-collinear rays that share a common starting point _______________ Match the Postulate with its Corresponding number: ____ c ____ Postulate 1-1 a. If two lines intersect, they intersect in exactly one point ____ a ____ Postulate 1-2 b. Through any 3 non-collinear points, there is exactly one plane ____ d ____ Postulate 1-3 c. Through any two points there is exactly one line ____ b ____ Postulate 1-4 d. If two planes intersect, they intersect in exactly one line
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2 Fill in the blank with the missing words that logically fit: Two segments that have the same measure are called ___ congruent _____ ___ segments ______. For any two points on a line, there is another point B that is between A and C, IFF A,B, and C are collinear and AB + BC = AC. This statement is called the __ Segment ___ ___ Addition ____ __ Postulate _____. If point B is in the interior of angle AOC, then the measure of angle AOB plus the measure of angle BOC equals the measure of angle AOC. This statement is also known as the _ Angle __ __ Addition ___ ____ Postulate ___. Apply your knowledge by stating the formula or writing converse, inverse, and contrapositive of each statement Distance formula- Midpoint formula- Slope-intercept form- Point-slope form- Slope Equation- Standard form of a linear equation- Perpendicular lines have ____ opposite reciprocal _______________________________ slopes. Parallel lines have _________
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First Semester Study Guide - Heaton 1 Mitchell T. Heaton...

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