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Heaton Mitchell T. Heaton Mr. Sexauer Integrated Science Section D 12 December 2008 Rutherford: The Nucleus of Discovery Science is an expansive subject that has many fields of study. In each field, there are salient scientists with revolutionary ideas and monumental discoveries. Ernest Rutherford was a scientist that fit this description perfectly. His unfathomable intelligence placed him years ahead of his time and gave the world a different perspective on science. Ernest Rutherford was a brilliant scientist whose comprehensive ideas and discoveries paved the way for scientists in the future. Rutherford’s scientific career began in Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge. Hear, as the first student of J.J. Thomson, a man famous for discovering the electron, Ernest Rutherford flourished. Thomson first directed him toward the study of the effect that X-rays had upon the release of electricity in gases. At this time, little was known about X-rays, which had recently been discovered. Rutherford helped change that. He discovered that X-rays affected the released electricity in gases by forming positive and negative ions. In addition, Rutherford was able to measure the mobility of the ions produced. Ernest conducted similar studies in the fields of ultraviolet light and the radioactivity produced by uranium minerals (Biographical Dictionary 595). After conducting various experiments about radioactivity, Rutherford became captivated by the concept and its properties. After intensive research, Rutherford discovered three different kinds of radioactivity with different levels of penetrating power. The least penetrating he called
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Heaton alpha rays, the next beta rays, and the level of radioactivity with the highest penetrating power he
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Ernest Rutherford Paper - Heaton Mitchell T Heaton Mr...

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