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Test #1- First Quarter (2) - A InFuenced George Lucas B He...

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The following are stories which show fundamental antagonisms between good 1. and evil Star Wars- George Lucas A. The Chronicles of Narnia- C.S. Lewis B. The Lord of the Rings- J.R.R. Tolkien C. Essential elements of myths 2. The myth of origins A. Gilgamesh a. A creation myth which has a flood that wipes out the world like in the 1. story of Noah Zarathustra b. Grew in Ancient Persia, present day Iran 1. Started the religion of Zoroastrianism 2. Followers are called Parsis A. Very dualistic religion, God of good and a God of evil B. These aspects are operative in many religions a. Myths often take place in primordial times, a period somehow set apart from B. the ordinary present Joseph Campbell wrote "Hero With a Thousand Faces" 3. Grew up in New York
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Unformatted text preview: A. InFuenced George Lucas B. He read everything he could about Indian culture and the driving idea of his C. life was to understand the principles which drive human life Taught at Sara Lawrence College D. Taught how to "live in the world" E. Myths are important because they are stories of the search by men and ±. women throughout the ages to ²nd out who we are Archetype 4. Def: a primal ²gure or event through which people interpret their own A. experience Armageddon is the area outside of the Mount of Olives and near Jerusalem 5. where it is said that the ²nal clash of good and evil would take place Religions will be approached in two ways 6. Comparative methodology A. Empathy B....
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