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In studying religions of the world, we should employ two methods 1. Comparative methodology A. Comparing to one's own religion a. Empathy B. Being able to relate to their religion and experiences a. Cosmogony 2. The different understandings of how the world came to be A. Gerard Manley Hopkins 3. A member of the Oxford movement from the Anglican Church to A. Catholicism Became a Jesuit B. Wrote "God's Grandeur" C. The poem calls for us to look upon the world with an attitude of hopeful a. realism, taking into account God's grace The Australian Aborigines 4. A sacred place for them is Ayers Rock A. Similar to the belief that Stone Henge possesses spiritual powers
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Unformatted text preview: a. Believe that the world was formed in a time called the Dreaming by B. supernatural beings called Ancestors Totems are what continue to project the presence of the Ancestors C. Can be an animal, a rock formation, or other features of landscapes a. Primal religions are users of the oral tradition and do not have a scriptural 5. tradition basis Pantheism 6. The belief that God is in all living matter A. Characteristic of Native American religions B. Animism 7. The belief that there is spiritual substance to everything in the A. world. ..animate or inanimate Can be seen in Shinto B....
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