Test #1- First Quarter (5)

Test #1- First Quarter (5) - 2 The Vision Quest 5 A means...

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Yoruba 1. Live in the western Regions of Africa A. Nigeria a. Benin b. Togo c. Orishas B. The hundreds of various Yoruba deities who are the main objects of ritual a. attention An avatar would be a Fgure representing another Fgure, channeling it's energy 2. The trickster Fgure in religions always keep us grounded 3. Inktomi in the Lakota Sioux religion A. Divination 4. Somehow trying to look into the future and attempting to predict events that A. may happen People of Divination B. Shaman a. A person who is to be the interpreter between the human world and 1. faith Diviners b. Ritual practitioners who specialize in the art of divination 1. Curandero c. Male or female healers in Mayan faith 1. Similar to a shaman 2. Brujo d. Spanish term for witch 1. Griot e. In African religions 1. Hears the stories of the spirits and ancestors and retells them
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Unformatted text preview: 2. The Vision Quest 5. A means of seeking spiritual power through an encounter with a guardian A. spirit or other medium, usually in the form of an animal or other natural entity, following a period of fasting and other forms of self-denial; common to many primal peoples Used to mature and make important decisions arriving at a deeper a. understanding of what we are to do in the future Go to a sweat lodge before going on a quest as a way to cleanse yourself B. A medicine man or spiritual guiding adult looks over the quest C. Axis mund i is said to be the Fxed center of the world used in various rituals, 6. such as in the Lakota Sioux...
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