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The mystery religions 1. Total set of symbols and rituals which are a part of the belief A. Pagan religions B. Huckster- one who sells you a religion or belief or something by chalking it up 2. to be more than it is- selling lies Aryan 3. Group of people characterized by a lighter complexion and moved to A. northwestern India between 1700-1500 B.C. Sanskrit is the typical language of the writing of the religion of Hinduism 4. Vedic literature 5. "Vedic" is a Sanskrit word meaning "wisdom" A. Began to appear in 1500 B.C. B. Upanishads (800-400 B.C.) 6. Writings A. Earliest Hindu literature expanding upon the Vedic literature B. Literally means writings done when thinking under a tree
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Unformatted text preview: C. The priests in the Hinduism religion are at the top of the caste system 7. A member of the priestly class is known as a brahmin A. The Caste system of the Hinduism religions 8. Brahmins A. Kshatriya B. Vaisya C. Shudra D. Dahletes E. Hindu Epics (500-250 B.C.) 9. Ramayana A. Hindu Epic of the struggles of Rama and Sita a. Mahab√°rata B. Sacred epic poem on the adventurers of Lord Krishna a. Hinduism is a polytheistic religion 10. Traditionally have 330 million gods and goddesses A. Cyclic Religions 11. An endless cycle of life that repeats itself A. Christianity is a linear religion B....
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