Test #1- First Quarter (7)

Test #1- First Quarter (7) - b. Monism C. Everything shares...

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St. Bonaventure 1. One of the most noted philosophers of the 13th Century A. Exemplar: a model to follow or imitate B. The Journey of the Mind into God C. Written by St. Bonaventure a. Talks of seeing ourselves linked to the creator b. Plato's "The Allegory in the Cave" 2. People's perception of the outside world and reality is only seen through A. observing shadows Rabbitness of God????? 3. The innate part of us that is in conformity with our Creator A. Hinduism 4. Atman A. The personal soul or individual self a. Brahman B. The world soul, the ultimate ground of all phenomena a. Universal reality
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Unformatted text preview: b. Monism C. Everything shares a oneness a. Polytheism D. Trimurti (high three deities of Hinduism) a. Brahma 1. The Creator God A. Shiva- destroyer God 2. Vishnu 3. Avatars b. Incarnations of the God 1. The more arms a Fgure has, the more power it has 2. Prominent with: 3. Shiva A. Ganesha B. Kali C. Vishnu D. Rama E. Krishna ±. Hinduism is both monistic (one ultimate spirit) and polytheistic (various E. gods) Samsára ±. Cycle of rebirth and death of every living being a. Ghandi was assassinated in 1948 G....
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Test #1- First Quarter (7) - b. Monism C. Everything shares...

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