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Test #1- First Quarter (9) - a Not suf±cient in and of...

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The Four Life Stages 1. Student A. Householder B. Forest Dweller C. Sannyasin (Wandering Ascetic) D. Typically wife and husband part ways at this stage a. Ahimsa 2. Non-violence A. Himsa 3. Violence A. Satygraha 4. Artha is the Hinduism term referring to material success 5. It is good up to a point A. Kama is the word in Hinduism for pleasure 6. The term in the Christian realm would be "eros" A. Eros ends, agape is forever
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Unformatted text preview: a. Not suf±cient in and of itself B. Marga is the Sanskrit word for "path" 7. Yoga in Hinduism is a method or a way of achieving union with Brahman 8. Marga (Path) 9. Karma Marga A. The active path a. Jnana Marga B. The Path of Knowledge a. The path for philosophical re²ection b. Bhakti Marga C. The Path of Devotion a. The path of spiritual re²ection b....
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