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Test #1- First Quarter (10) - 6 Ganges River A It frees a...

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Shankara 1. Medieval philosopher A. Practicer of Vedanta B. Maya 2. Cosmic illusion A. People are tricked into thinking that what they see is real, just as a dream B. seems real while one is in it Indian holy men who undergo ascetical feats 3. Guru A. Like the Christian hermit a. Sadhu B. Found in an ashram (a monastic community) a. Fakir C. Like the Christian stylite a. Bhakti Marga 4. The most popular path of Liberation A. The Path of Devotion B. Puja 5. Devotion or worship a Hindu gives in his or her home A. Holy Places in the Hindu Religion
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Ganges River A. It frees a Hindu from bad kharma a. Where a Hindu's ashes are spread after death b. Benares B. Holiest place of the Hindu religion along the Ganges a. Hindus venerate cows because they represent life for them 7. Kerala State has the largest population of Christians in India 8. Mahatma Ghandi 9. "Mahatma" means "great souled" A. His objective was Indian independence from England B. Studied as a barrister (lawyer) C....
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