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Test #1- First Quarter (Includes notes from 8-22)

Test #1- First Quarter (Includes notes from 8-22) - 3...

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Dominus Jesus (2000): 1. document released by CDF: Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith A. "The Lord Jesus" first two words of the document B. The document reinforces Christianity C. It made a more doctrinal point that the other churches that call themselves D. churches and are not attached to the apostolic succession, they cannot be called a part of the Church Orthodox Churches can still call themselves a Church alongnwith a. Catholics Makes the point that the Catholic church is the only Church bringing us E. closer to the unity of Christ Continued the teaching of Nostra Ætate F. Judaism, Islam and Christianity are the 3 monotheistic religions 2. The holy books of each faith are: A. Judaism: thora a. Christianity: Bible b. Islam: Koran c. All three religions have Abraham as a figure in their faith B. Every major religion needs to deal with these issues
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Suffering A. Thoedicy- the discipline of how we can equate a good God with the existence 4. of evil in the world Voltaire wrote a story with the character of Candide A. Characters suffer in the story and Voltaire answers the question of a. theodicy Cosmology is the study of the nature or origin of the universe 5. Etiology is the study of causes 6. Asks what is the reason for something existing A. The Genensis story is the etiology of sin B. Soteriology is the study of how we are to be saved 7. Myths are essential to every world religion 8. There are some common elements in myths A. A sect is a break-off of the major religion 9. An example of a sect, at best, would be Jews for Jesus A. Catholics have a monotheistic God who is both transcendent and imminent 10....
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