Test #1- Second Quarter (4) (1)

Test #1- Second Quarter (4) (1) - g. Groucho Marx h. Oscar...

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Reverand Robert Barron 1. Graduate of Benet Academy A. Priest of the Chicago Archdiocese B. Created a ten-part video series called "Catholicism" C. Important Jewish People of the 20th Century 2. Science A. Albert Einstein a. Neils Bohr b. Robert Oppenheimer c. Sigmund Freud d. Edmund Teller e. Law B. Louis Brandeis a. Elena Kagan b. Ruth Gingburg c. Stephen Breyer d. Politics C. Henry Kissinger a. Robert Ellsberg b. Rahm Emmanuel c. Joe Liebermann d. Binyamin Netanyahu e. Golde Meir f. First woman prime minister of Israel 1. David Ben-Gurion g. Simon Peres h. Yitzak Rabin i. Assassinated in 1993 1. Fought in the Six Days War 2. Alan Greenspan j. Chairman of the Federal Reserve 1. Entertainment D. Natalie Portman a. Adam Sandler b. Bob Dylan c. Jerry Seinfeld d. Ben Stiller e. Barbara Streisand f. Stephen Speilberg
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Unformatted text preview: g. Groucho Marx h. Oscar Hammerstein i. Arthur Miller j. George Gershuin k. Leonard Bernstein l. Gustav Mahler m. Billy Joel n. Harry Houdini o. Journalism E. Ted Koppel a. Walter Kronkite b. Joseph Pulitzer c. Literature F. Anne Frank a. J.D. Salinger b. Bernard Malamud c. Caim Potok d. Phillip Roth e. Gertrude Stein f. Sports G. Sandy Koufax a. Hank Greenberg b. H. Killibrew c. Robbie Gould d. Mark Spitz e. Competed at the Munich Games and won most of his medals there 1. Sue Bird f. Art H. Mark Chagall a. Religion I. Rabbi Abraham Heschel a. Marched with MLK 1. Rabbi Martin Buber b. Lubavitcher c. Lindesfarne Gospels 3. Best examples of calligraphy A....
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Test #1- Second Quarter (4) (1) - g. Groucho Marx h. Oscar...

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